12,685 kilometres…and counting

“Your new adventure starts now” declared my Dad, at 6am on the long-awaited 28th October 2016. It was time – the day had arrived! We still felt like we had a lot left to plan, but we had our passports and some money, and figured we’d see what happened!


No turning back now!

We had a few hiccups along the way from Brisbane to Mexico City, with each airport throwing an obstacle our way, but in the end all was fine and we made it safe and sound. We’re currently approximately 12,865kms from home, and after our 25 hour journey to get here, including two flights, lots of waiting in airports and the longest taxi ride to our hotel, it sure feels like we’re that far away!


Our American Airlines boarding passes

All the advice we heard about needing to speak Spanish before we arrived has proven pretty accurate so far – from booking the taxi in the airport, to ordering our dinner, and plenty of conversations in between, my brain is definitely going into overdrive trying to remember all those university Spanish classes – so far so good, though!

We were standing at reception at our hotel having just asked for a map when a 22-year-old Australian girl with fire engine red hair asked us if we spoke both English and Spanish. “Kind of!”, I replied, before trying to translate between her requests about taking a taxi to the airport, and the receptionist’s attempts to accommodate her without being able to understand her English. We got there in the end (with the help of another Latin-American man passing by), and ended up speaking to her for a while about her incredible journeys around Central America that had led her to this point. We took notes on the unmissable adventures she had in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and hopefully will be able to give other people we meet in future our notes on the places we’ve been!


Our first beers in Mexico

We had our first meal in Mexico in our hotel’s restaurant, which included fresh (but cold) bread served with butter, fresh lime, and chili salsa; pollo Cordon Bleu (obviously Alex couldn’t walk past a $7 Cordon Bleu!); mushroom soup; queso panela (not what I was expecting but still tasty!); and two Mexican beers we hadn’t tried before – Victoria and Pacifico. All up our dinner cost us about AUD$14 – can’t complain about that!

We headed back to our room with grand plans of having a deep sleep before waking to explore Mexico City the next day… Around 20 hours later, we woke up, and realised it was already getting dark again here and probably best to enjoy another hotel dinner before our day tomorrow headed to Patzcuaro! Not exactly the most exciting first day in Mexico, but we feel better prepared for the rest of our journey now with much needed zzzs fuelling us for the excitement ahead!


We made it! 


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