Five More Things Not To Do When You Go Out To Eat

Recently, I wrote a guest blog for Bitchy Waiter, who, in his own words, “waits tables and bitches about it”. He has over 600,000 followers on Facebook and when I was selected as a guest blogger for him I was completely overwhelmed. Read my guest blog here. The hundreds of reactions from strangers all over the world to the words I wrote made me think… maybe I should write a follow up piece! So here it is, five more things not to do when you go out to eat.




One. Telling us you’re not ready to order, then waving over another member of staff minutes after we’ve left you to peruse the menu a little longer. If we’ve already checked in on you a couple of times, chances are you’re sat in our section and we’ll be looking after you for the evening. If you’re not ready to order that’s fine – but if you ask for five more minutes, that’s exactly what we’ll give you. Don’t then make out like we’re not doing our job properly – we’re not mind readers!

Two. Being inconsiderate of the fact that we’re holding hot or heavy plates or trays of glasses, and trying to hand us things, ask us questions, or not moving out of our way. If it’s not an emergency, simply looking at us will usually let us know we need to come and see you as soon as we’ve dropped off our plates or trays. If we make eye contact with you and nod, I promise we’ll be back. Stop waving, we see you. Stop shoving plates at us, our hands are full. Smile and be patient, like we are with you.

Three. Making a booking and showing up late, not showing up at all, or having markedly more or less people attend. Buy a watch, consider traffic conditions, call us if you’re running late or numbers change. You called to make the booking so you know our phone number; it’s situations like this that mean more and more restaurants don’t take bookings these days.

Four. Bringing your kids to our busy restaurant and letting them do whatever they like. A restaurant is a dangerous environment – lots of people are moving quickly and may not see your precious little one as they run around unsupervised. There are hot plates, full cups, glasses easily broken, slippery floors, and multiple other potential disasters waiting to happen. We are not your babysitters, we cannot watch your child while you go to the bathroom, and we resent it when you let your child “play” in the middle of our busy walkway. We shouldn’t have to dodge your rugrat while we’re carrying full trays; it’s enough that we have to clean up after them when they make a horrendous mess. To the few parents that clean up after their kids – thank you a thousand times, you make our day!

Five. Not leaving when you’re the last table and everything else has been cleared away. If we’ve called last drinks and everyone else has gone home, it’s time to go. We’ve been polite, we’ve helped you have a great evening (we hope), now please respect that we’d like to go home and try to savour what’s left of our night.




If you’ve got any more pet peeves you’d like me to write about, send them over to

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